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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector - TIME 1150 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector - TIME 1150 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Non-Destructive Testing System - Ultrasonic Testing Material Testing

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Probe socket:LEMO or BNC

Product Introduction

TIME1150 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a portable, industrial, non-destructive ultrasonic flaw detector, which confirms to EN12668-1 standard, and used to rapidly, and easily inspect work pieces accurately for various defects such as cracks, inclusions and pinhole porosity etc. Further evaluation of these defects can be performed during the testing process. The instrument can be used extensively in many varying fields where materials inspection is required to maintain quality control during manufacturing and production processes, e.g. manufacturing industries, iron & steel industry, metallurgical industry, metalworking, chemical industry, etc. Ultrasonic flaw detectors are also used extensively in the active safety inspection and service-life evaluation of components in such fields as aerospace, railway transportation and boiler pressure vessels, etc. 



•5.7 inch, VGA color TFT LCD display screen; 

•Simultaneous display A-scan and B-scan waveform; 

•Five different measured values are displayed at the same time; 

•Function such as freeze waveform, peak value, comparative and envelope are available.

•Various colors can be selected and brightness adjustable to meet different environment requirements.

•Language: Chinese, English and Spanish


•With high performance square wave pulse generator which is adjustable. 

•Pulse amplitude (V):100-400, 10V step adjustable; 

•Pulse width (ns):75,100-500, 50ns step adjustable; 

•Impedance (Ω): 50,100,200,500 adjustable; 

•Pulse repetition frequency (Hz): 10 ~ 1000; 

•Working mode: single crystal probe, double crystal probe, transmission. 


•Sampling frequency: 80MHz; 

•Rectify mode: positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave, RF; 


•Gain step: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 6.0, 12.0 dB; 

•Automatic Gain; 


•Two independent measurement gates; 

•Dual gate operation and measuring; 

•Various gate measurements and alarm functions; 


•Variety of alarm modes can be selected in sound alarm or light alarm; 

•Gate positive wave alarm, gate negative wave alarm

Data Storage: 

•With functions of save, copy or load the inspection parameters and 50 channels can be stored.

•Remarks can be added to facilitate identify channels. 

•Can store or review the waves of A scan and B scan, 1000 waves can be stored.

•Active Record: store or replay waveform in real time and the waveform is 4×2000 pixel.

•Edit the parameters and displayed with the waveform.

•Thickness storage and review

Detection function: 

•Standard dynamic DAC curve.

•Dynamic AVG curve.

•Two independent gates with various measuring functions.

•Peak value detection: detect the highest wave in real time and record the maximum value of the flaws.

•Flaw location: horizontal location, depth location and beam path location.

•Flaw sizing: AWS D1.1, DAC SL, AVG etc.

•Measuring probe frequency.

•Two point calibration and angle beam calibration.

•Measuring the height of crack..

•With linear reject function, the highest rejection is 80% of the full screen height.

•Calculate φ value: during inspecting the forging workpiece by using straight beam probe, the instrument will identify the highest wave of defects and then calculate φ value automatically.

•Curvate surface correction and Leg display function 

Communication and printing: 

•Printing inspection report by connecting printer via USB interface 

•Support PCL5 and PCL6 printing language and achieve True type front printing.

•Flash disk can be connected to save the parameters and waves.

•Communicate with PC and transfer the parameters, waveforms, Screen and files to PC via USB cable.

Download to PC


•USB OTG interface.

•Power adapter interface.


•Lock/unlock system parameters.

•With clock display. 

Technical Specification

TIME1150 Technical Specification
Weight£¨kg£© Around 1.2
Dimensions£¨mm£© 210×160×51
Operating temperature -10¡æ¡«+50¡æ
Storage temperature -20¡æ¡«+60¡æ
Language English/Chinese/Spanish selectable
Probe socket LEMO or BNC
Battery£¨mAh£© 2×3.7V 5000mAh
Battery working time £¾8 h
Charging time£¨h£© £¼8 h
Power adapter Input: 100-240¡«50/60Hz
Output: 9V DC/3 A¡«4A
LCD Color transmission TFT£¬640×480
Measuring unit mm¡¢inch¡¢µs
Scanning range£¨mm£© 0¡«10000
Sound velocity£¨m/s£© 600¡«16000
P-Delay£¨µs£© -1.000¡«750.000
D-Delay£¨µs£© -20¡«+3400
Test mode Pulse-echo, dual and through transmission
Scanning mode A scan and B scan, displaying A
scan and B scan simultaneously
Pulse Generator
Pulser£¨V£© Square pulse
Transmitting voltage 100-400£¨V£©variable in steps of 10V
Transmitting pulse width£¨ns£© 75 ¡¢100¡«500 variable in steps of 50 ns
Damping(Ω) 50¡¢100¡¢200¡¢500
Pulse repetition frequency (Hz) 10¡«1000
Gain£¨dB£© 0¡«110
Bandwidth£¨MHz£© 0.5~15
Rectify Positive half way, negative half way,
full and RF
Vertical linearity error ±2%
Amplifier resolution (dB) ±1
Reject£¨%£© Linear, 0~80% of the full screen
Sampling frequency£¨MHz£© 80
Crosstalk rejection£¨dB£© ≥ 80
Dead zone£¨μs£© ≤10  (related with transmitting)
Dynamic range£¨dB£© ≥40
Instant resolution£¨dB£© ≥32
Time base linearity £¼±0.2% full screen
Sensitivity leavings ≥62dB
Measurements and others
Gate 2 independence gates
Testing position Edge, Peak value
Gate measurements Echo amplitude¡¢Sound path¡¢
depth¡¢projection etc.
Freeze Freeze waveform, peak value, comparative and envelope
AVG equivalent calculate Calculate the flaw equivalent according to the flaw echo and AVG curve
DAC flaw evaluating Make flaw evaluation according to
flaw echo and DAC curve
Gate Logic Off , measurement, gate positive wave alarm, gate negative wave alarm
Gate alarm Off¡¢anytime¡¢hold for 0.2s¡¢0.5s¡¢
1s and 2s¡¢lock
Alarm On/off
Data management, communication and print
Data storage     Data management 50 channels
1000 wave images £¨including 980 A scan images and
20 B scan images£©
4x2000 dynamic wave image
Store, review or replay the channels,
All the data can be stored to PC or
flash disk
Communication Communicate with PC via USB
Printing Print report
Output port
USB OTG port USB2.0 Device connected with PC
USB2.0 Host connected with flash disk or printer
Power adapter port  

Standard Delivery List

Item Quantity
Main unit 1 set
Lithium battery 2 packs
Power adapter
1 piece
LEMO-Q9 Probe connecting cable£¨Q9-Q9 probe connecting cable£© 1 piece
LEMO-Q6 Probe connecting cable(Q9-Q6 probe connecting cable) 1 piece
Carrying case 1 piece
Necklace belt 1 piece
Wrist belt 1 piece
Instruction manual 1 piece
Straight beam probe(φ20  2.5MHz) 1 piece
Angle beam probe(φ20  2.5MHz) 1 piece
Coupling agent 1 bottle
TIME certificate 1 piece
Instruction manual 1 piece

Optional Accessory List

Items Quantity
USB communication cable  Host 1
USB communication cable  Device 1
Flash Disk 1
Software 1
Printer 1
Standard probe 1
Lithium battery
Standard Test Block 1

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