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What is a KPI?

Key performance indicator, or KPI, is a quantitative measurement of performance over time for a certain goal. KPIs provide teams goals to work toward, benchmarks to measure success, and insights to assist employees throughout the company make better decisions. From marketing and sales to finance and human resources, KPIs help every aspect of the business advance strategically.
 Improve employee performance using a simple-to-use KPI management!

Performance management is a tool used by companies all over the world to keep track of and evaluate their employees’ skills and performance in order to help them grow in their careers. The ultimate goal is to make sure that employees use their opportunities and skis to the best of their abilities. This can be done through regular reviews feedback,on-the-spot counseling, and taking care of the overall development.
Why Are KPIs Important?

1. Simplicity That’s Unique Among KPI Software
2. Full Review Of Progress Towards Objectives
3. Solutions For Dashboards And Reporting In Your Department
4. Interactive Charts And Graphs Quickly Visualize Data
5. Analyze Your Data’s Ups And Downs
6. Create, Share, And Discuss Meaningful Insights
Join over 100 of organizations that trust DoerHRM KPI and OKR Solution & Training to help maximize their performance!
KPI Performance Management

A critical Key Performance Indicator for strategic and operational improvement

• Improves ability to influence financial results
• Emphasizes roles within business
• Facilitates employee’s appraisal, automate grading and bonus calculation
• Forges companies strategic and operational improvement while creating an analytical basis for decision making

OKR Strategy Management Software

An agile OKR system which align and structure goals to create highly productive teams

• Allows teams to set ambitious while realistic goals with the progress made visible to every team members
• Creates highly productive and aligned team to deliverkey results on time, on track
• Ensures goal achievements with better team alignment, transparency and accountability
• Contributes to the creation of highly adaptable organization

Strategic Action Planning Software

An empowerment for performance boosting DoerBlueprint helps to unleash 100% potential of your team by hitting peak performance with Strategic Action Plan, Baseline & Metrics, SWOT analysis and Health Check.

• Encourages involvement in strategic planning
• Provides organisation with sales targeting value
• Facilitates scoring evaluation for each departments features
• Allows for the setting of quarterly goals

360 Employee Engagement Software

A multi-rater feedback system for professional personal development DoerHRM’s 360 Degree Feedback provides powerful and balance point-of-views encouraging prompt positive behaviour change.

• Encourages confidential feedbacks within team for work needing professional development
• Assists in the direction of necessary growth for employees
• Helps to encourage employee development
• Creates a confidential and comprehensive way to provide important information

Inspire Action With Your KPIs

10 ways to take your data visualizations to the next level. Learn how to choose the right
ones to highlight your KPIs and metrics.

Experience the world’s best iterative business execution platform

Grow your business with our All-Inclusive KPI and OKR Tool
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KPI Performance Management

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