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WSA Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

The Overview:
WSA Engineering Sdn Bhd is focused on manufacturing automotive interior parts like headliner, floor car carpet, package tray, door trim and etc. The company is operated under WSA Group, which was established in 1995. WSA Engineering first started with supplying headliners to Perodua, an automobile manufacturer. Now, WSA has partnerend with numerous other OEM manufacturers and assemblers like: Volkswagen, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Isuzu, Hyundai, and Nissan. For more than 10 years, WSA group have performed their expertise beyond expectations. Theire growth can be seen from the increase of new products and services, along with the growing number of new clients and partners. 
The Requirements:
As a company that serves a multitude of customers. WSA’s management realized that it was not an ideal situation to out-source their products to testing labs. They needed the ability to directly handle their own products and reduce out-source testing expenses. Also, they do not want to waste time queuing at testing labs, subsequently they might delay on customer projects. They wanted to do in-house testing. They were looking for a Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Chamber, as their products were large in size. Additionally, the chamber must compete with up-to-date technology that offer various testing combinations for their immediate needs as well as for future prospects. WSA was also looking for a solution that could simulate infrared heat by using infrared lamps, allowing them to perform on tasks that require to test on product’s surface temperature (100˚C to 120˚C). 

The Solution:
WSA management’s team called for meeting with few suppliers and attended their proposals’ presentation. After deep evaluation and comparison, the management team decided to purchase MERIDIAN chamber from Obsnap. The chamber did not only met all their requirements, they were impressed on MERIDIAN specialist’s product knowledge and application experiences.
The main factor of choosing the MERIDIAN system was the quality performance of the system. The system is using renowned mechanical and electrical parts from manufacturers that originate from Europe, USA, Japan and Korea. The walk-in humidity and temperature chamber is designed with the latest up-to-date technology, which can perform cyclic tests of temperature, humidity, surface temperature simulation by infrared lamps, and sunlight effect.  
MERIDAN chamber was built and pre-tested in factory before shipment to ensure installation is trouble-free. Due to a large size of 41.5m3, the chamber was disassembled for shipment and re-built in WSA production floor by 5 engineers. The chamber was tested on performance, uniformity of temperature and humidity by the engineers. After the chamber was fully installed and pre-tested by Obsnap’s staff, personnel from WSA were trained on handling its chamber system, application, controls and software.  
Customer’s Feedback:
Instead of having to outsource, WSA now have the capability to do their testing in-house, and be cost-effective at the same time Overall, WSA is pleased to have MERIDIAN Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Chamber to support their automotive products test programs. The engineer was grateful on our services and had written us a testimonial, which mentioned on their appreciation onto our good service and support. 

Chamber with infrared lamps used for test on products surface temperature

Meridian Walk In - Temperature and Humidity Chamber Video


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