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Cold wall retort furnaces up to 2400ˇăC

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Cold wall retort furnaces up to 2400ˇăC Retort Furnaces Nabertherm Furnace Laboratory Equipment Facility

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VHT 8/18-GR - VHT 100/18-KE
The compact furnaces of the VHT product line are available as electrically heated chamber furnaces with graphite, molybdenum or MoSi2 heating. A wide variety of heating designs as well as a complete range of accessories provide for optimal furnace configurations even for sophisticated applications.

The vacuum-tight retort allows heat treatment processes either in protective and reaction gas atmospheres or in a vacuum, subject to the individual furnace specs to 10-5 mbar. The basic furnace is suited for operation with nonflammable protective gases or under vacuum.

The H2 version provides for operation under hydrogen or other flammable gases. Key of the specification up is a certified safety package providing for a safe operation at all times and triggers an appropriate emergency program in case of failure.

For debinding applications under vacuum, we recommend the VDB version, which besides the corresponding safety technology has an additional debinding retort in the heating chamber and prevents the exhaust gases from contaminating the furnace chamber. The exhaust gases are channelled from the debinding retort into the exhaust gas torch.

Alternative Heating Specifications

The following heating systems are available for the different application temperatures:

VHT ../..-GR with Graphite Insulation and Heating

  • Suitable for processes under protective and reaction gases or under vacuum
  • Tmax 1800  °C , 2200 °C or 2400  °C (VHT 40/.. - VHT 100/..)
  • Max. vacuum up to 10-4 mbar depending on pump type used
  • Graphite felt insulation

VHT ../..-MO or VHT ../..-W with Molybdenum or Tungsten Heating

  • Suitable for high-purity processes under protective and reaction gases or under high vacuum
  • Tmax 1200  °C, 1600  °C or 1800  °C (see table)
  • Max. vacuum up to 10-5 mbar depending on pump type used
  • Insulation made of molybdenum rsp. tungsten radiation sheets

VHT ../..-KE with Fiber Insulation and Heating through Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Elements

  • Suitable for processes under protective and reaction gases, in air or under vacuum
  • Tmax 1800  °C
  • Max. vacuum up to 10-2 mbar (up to 1300  °C) depending on pump type
  • Insulation made of high purity aluminum oxide fiber
  • Only fiber materials are used which are not classified as carcinogenic according to TRGS 905, class 1 or 2
  VHT ...-../GR VHT ...-16/MO VHT ...-18/W VHT ...-18/KE
Inert gas Yes Yes Yes Yes
Air to 400 °C - - Yes
Hydrogen Yes Yes Yes -
Rough vacuum and fine vacuum (>10-3 mbar) Yes Yes Yes Yes
High vacuum (<10-5 mbar) - Yes Yes -
Oxygen - - - Yes
Standard Equipment for all Models
Basic version
  • Standard furnace sizes 8 - 500 liters
  • Water-cooled retort made of stainless steel
  • Frame made of stable steel profiles, easy to service due to easily removable stainless steel panels
  • Housing of the VHT 8 model on castors for easy repositioning of furnace
  • Cooling water manifold with manual tap, automatic flow monitoring, open-loop cooling water system
  • Adjustable cooling water circuits with flowmeter and temperature indicator and overtemperature protection
  • Switchgear and controller integrated in furnace housing
  • Process control with controller P470
  • Over-temperature limiter with adjustable cutout temperature for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2
  • Manual operation of the process gas and vacuum functions
  • Manual gas supply for one process gas (N, Ar or non-flammable forming gas) with adjustable flow
  • Bypass with manual valve for rapid filling or flooding of furnace chamber
  • Manual gas outlet with overflow valve (20 mbar relative) for over-pressure operation
  • Single-stage rotary vane pump with ball valve for pre-evacuating and heat treatment in a rough vacuum to 5 mbar
  • Pressure gauge for visual pressure monitoring
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions

Model Inner dimensions in mm Volume Max. charge Outer dimensions in mm Heating power in kW
  w d h in l weight/kg W D H Graphite Molybdenum Tungsten Ceramic fiber
VHT 8/.. 170 240 200 8 5 1250 (800) 1100 2700 27/27/- 19/34 50 12
VHT 25/.. 250 400 250 25 20 1500 2500 2200 70/90/- 45/65 85 25
VHT 40/.. 300 450 300 40 30 1600 2600 2300 83/103/125 54/90 110 30
VHT 70/.. 375 500 375 70 50 1800 3300 2400 105/125/150 70/110 130 55
VHT 100/.. 450 550 450 100 75 1900 3500 2500 131/155/175 90/140 on request 85
VHT 250/.. 600 750 600 250 175 3000 4300 3100 180/210/- on request on request on request
VHT 500/.. 750 900 750 500 350 3200 4500 3300 220/260/- on request on request on request

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