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MT100 MT100 Data Acquisition Equipment

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Easy-to-view, easy-to-use paperless recorder

  • Dust proof, drip proof, vibration proof for use at harsh environment
  • Analog recorder chart paper image for easy-to-read waveform display
  • Compact design 144(W) x 144(H) x 200(D) mm

Ten isolated channels and multifunction input to accommodate various measurement needs.

An isolated input system has been implemented to enable worry-free measurement. Ten input channels have been provided to meet multichannel needs.

Abundant selection of input types to meet diverse measurement needs


Rear panel terminal block

M4 screw terminals have been used for the input terminals to simplify wiring. The terminals can be tightened easily with a screwdriver. If an abnormal value arises, the alarm function informs the operator of the abnormality. Alarm output terminals for four channels are provided as standard.


Two types of humidity measurement are enabled.

Using the dedicated humidity sensor (B-530)

Humidity measurement can be performed by connecting the dedicated humidity sensor to an analog terminal on the MT100 unit.

  • Operating temperature range:-25°C to +80°C
  • Operating humidity range:0% RH to 100% RH.
  • Relative humidity measurement precision:±3% RH (5% RH to 98% RH at 25°C)
  • External dimensions:Φ14 mm x 80 mm (excluding the cable)
  • Cable length:3 m

Direct connection of dry-bulb and wet-bulb sensors

Large volumes of data can be directly captured to a
USB memory stick over a long period of time.

A USB memory stick is used for the recording medium. A large volume of data
measured over a long period of time on the ten available channels can be directly
written to and stored on the memory stick. The MT100’s internal memory consists
of 14-MB flash media.

Data capture time
(when measurement is performed on ten channels)

Capture interval (sampling speed) 100ms 1s 10s 1min
14-Mbyte internal flash memory Approx. 13 hours Approx. 5 days Approx. 53 days Approx. 323 days
USB memory stick (256 Mbytes) Approx. 9 days Approx. 98 days Approx. 987 days Approx. 5,925 days

USB memory stick replaceable even during measurement

The USB memory stick can be removed* even while long-term recording is being performed to enable checking of measurement that is still in progress. If the USB memory stick is removed, data capture is switched to the MT100’s internal buffer memory for a period of approximately 10 minutes. When the USB memory stick is reinserted in the MT100, data is once again captured to the memory stick.

Key operation is required at the time of USB memory stick removal.


Dustproof, moisture-proof, vibration-resistant structure for severe measurement environments; space-saving design.

In order to withstand severe field environments, the structure has been designed to be dustproof, moisture-proof, and vibration-resistant. The front panel of the MT100 unit is an IP65-compliant structure that is both dustproof and moisture-proof. To prevent the penetration of dust, there are no slits in the MT100 unit itself. In addition, the unit’s vibration-resistant structure complies with the Vibration Testing Methods for Automobile Parts Standard, Type 1 Class A.

  • The front panel’s dustproof and moisture-proof structure complies with IP65 protection standards.
  • The vibration-resistant structure complies with the [Vibration Testing Methods for Automobile Parts Standard, Type 1 Class A].

Moreover, the space-saving design offers a reduced depth of only 200 mm to enable easy installation in various types of test systems.


Easy-to-view waveform displays presented as if on chart paper used by analog recorders.

A large-format 5.7-inch color
TFT liquid crystal display,
bright and easy to read, is built-in.
The measurement results are
faithfully reproduced in the display formats used by conventional analog recorders. Waveform
displays that are similar to those of pen recorders or dot-printing recorders enable the measurement
progress to be easily ascertained at a glance. Four display formats are provided to enable the
most easy-to-view format to be selected for each measurement application.


A compressed display of the time axis is provided at the bottom of the screen.
As with a pen recorder or a dot-printing recorder, the waveform display enables
the measurement progress to be easily ascertained at a glance. The compression
ratio can be set in ten increments within the 1/10 to 1/100 TIME/DIV range.

Comprehensive network functions

A diverse range of network functions can be used to suit the measurement application.

WEB server function

Waveform display and MT100 settings can be made via a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

WEB server function

FTP server function

Data stored in the MT100’s internal memory or the USB memory stick can be transferred or deleted through operations performed at the computer.

FTP server function

FTP client function

The data captured to the MT100’s internal memory or the USB memory stick can be automatically backed up to the FTP server at fixed intervals.

FTP client function

NTP client server function

The MT100’s time can be synchronized to the NTP server’s time at periodic intervals.
(NTP : Network Time Protocol)

NTP client server function

MT100 application software

The application software provided as a standard accessory with the
MT100 enables easy online measurement and conversion of the data file format.

Main screen (Y-T)

Easy settings

Icon keys have been provided for intuitive waveform operations.

The number of setting screens has been reduced to only six. Settings in the amp setting screen and other screens can be performed while viewing the input signals.

Convenient functions

  • Statistical calculation/Alarm history
  • Password protection function
  • Batch conversion of the captured data to CSV format
  • Search function for specific points in the captured data
  • Direct to Excel function
  • Channel group function
  • Comment input function

Various screen displays

Y-T, X-Y, Digital display, Meter display, and Report display screens have been
provided to suit various measurement applications. In addition, the Replay
display screen can be specified as Y-T, X-Y between cursors or Digital display.


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