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Thermal Shock Test Chamber - Two Temperature Zones Method

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Thermal Shock Test Chamber - Two Temperature Zones Method Environmental Test Chamber Laboratory Equipment Facility

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Two Temperature Zones Method

Horizontal model with big volume basket
Vertical model with small volume basket

Two temperature zone method: specimen moving with the basket
Special designed thermal shock chamber to test capability of test components or material structure to withstand rapid temperature changes from extremely high temperature and low temperature in short time. This allows user to carry out a wide range of tests necessary to determine thermal characteristic: chemical changes or physical changes. They are suitable for quality control laboratories or in production plants for product improvement. Applicable to metals, plastics, rubbers, auto-motive parts, electronic parts and other materials.

The test compartments can be placed vertically or horinzontally. An electrically driven basket moves between the two temperature zones which will produce a thermal shock on the specimen, vertical models are availabe with basket with small volume, while horizontal models are available with basket of big volume. Special models are avaialble on request.

Complies to national and international standards: IEC 60068-2-1-1990, IEC 60068-2-2-1974, IEC 60068-2-14-1984.

Two zones (one hot zone and once cold zone). The products under test travel via a carrier basket alternating between the hot and cold zones

Features of the Machine

Constructional Features

  • Heavy and robust construction, ergonomic features and elegant design, with anti-rust formation.
  • Test samples don't move
  • Adjustable casters: 4 pieces to hold the chamber, adjustable wheels 6 pieces: to move the chamber.
  • Good airflow design assures uniform results.
  • Optimized refrigeration system: electronic expansion valve and high quality compressor from Germany.
  • Color Touch screen Superior Programmable controller from Japan makes operation easy.
  • Body structure (inner material): Imported SUS304 high grade stainless steel. Casing material: Color coated high grade metal sheet.
  • Imported parts like temperature controller, compressor, breaker, motors in chamber, overload relay, thermal overload relay and etc are imported.
User Friendly and High Performace
  • A temperature recovery time of < 5 minutes is achieved in 2 temperature zones without auxilliary cooling.
  • High temperature uniformity distribution across specimens
Easy to use Control System and Software

  • Superior Programmable Controller Model: Color touch screem made from Japan.
  • With '2 in 1' function -Controller and Recorder function where the reading can be recorded and save.
  • Displaying graphical programming patterns of both temperature and humidity that enable straight forward visual assessment of the response curves.

Improved programming and data collection via computer

  • Standard USB port allow transfer of data to PC by Thumb-drive for further analysis and management through software
  • Data can be opened as a list excel spreadsheet or graph pattern, and can be used to check historical data
Most Efficient Safety Control System
  • Refrigeration system: compressor over heat protection, compressor over-current protection, compressor over-pressure protection, condenser fan over-heat protection , compressor lubricant oil low level
  • Test Chamber: Chamber over heat protection; fan and motor over heat protection, water level protection
  • Current leakage protection
  • Alarm, buzzer will alert user if error occurs
  • Indicator LED shown when malfunction occurred
  • If trouble occurs, the details, date and time of occurrence are displayed on the alarm screen
  • Door opening alarm (optional)

We deliver custom-made chambers
We will meet your demands to design chamber with good performance according to customer standared and other special requirement.

Technical Specification of Chamber
Model MRD-TS22-125 MRD-TS22-216 MRD-TS22-512 MRD-TS22-010
Interior Dimension W*H*D (mm) 500*500*500 600*600*600 800*800*800 1000*1000*1000
Basket Useful Size W*H*D (mm) 280*240*360 380*340*410 580*540*610 750*750*750
Exterior Dimension W*H*D (mm) 1850*1140*1660 2050*1240*1810 2350*1440*2210 1500*2590*1600
Power (KW) 13.5 18.5 21 29
Temperature Range -70°C ~ 200°C
Thermal Shock Temperature Range Upper Chamber +70°C ~ 200°C
Lower Chamber -70°C ~ 60°C
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity <2°C
Conversion Time <5s
Temperature Recovery Time <5min

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