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Leica TPS Systems - TM30

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Leica TPS Systems - TM30 Total Station  Surveying Instruments

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Monitoring Sensor
Every half second counts
We live in a dynamic world. Buildings and dams settle, bridges flex and vibrate, rock masses shift, mud slides, glaciers flow and volcanoes erupt. Whether by human activity such as mining and construction or by natural processes such as climate change and erosion, the world in which we live is continually changing.
Continuous operation
The TM30 meets the challenge of 24 hours, 7 days a week monitoring applications. It is designed to withstand the roughest use in the most severe environments. The TM30 will operate throughout a wide temperature range and is protected against wind driven rain, sand and dust. The sensor is fully operational in bright sunlight and complete darkness.
Long service intervals
The TM30 can operate for extremely long intervals without suffering from wear and tear. The long service interval, low maintenance costs and continuous operation ensure maximum productivity.
Lowest Power Consumption
The Leica TM30 unique piezo direct drive technology ensure maximum accuracy whilst minimizing power consumption with intelligent on-demand power management.
Long range ATR
The long range ATR detects and measures to prisms within a range of up to 3000 m with millimeter accuracy. Long range ATR maximizes the flexibility of instrument, reducing overall costs in a large monitoring project.
The TargetView functionality narrows the field of view of the ATR to the area of interest. If there are multiple prisms close together the measurement process is enhanced by detecting the correct prisms without interference from surrounding prisms.
TargetCapture makes the telescopic camera image available for visual documentation of the point measured. Obstructions in the line of sight can be inspected remotely, avoiding safety concerns in high-risk environments.
Angle Measurement
Accuracy1 0.5” (0.15 mgon), 0.01” (0.3mgon)
Method Absolute, continuous, quadruple
Distance Measurement (Prism)
Range Round prism (GPR1) 3500m
Accuracy2/Measurement time Precise3, 0.6mm + 1ppm / typ. 7s
  Standard 1mm + 1ppm / typ. 2.4s
Method System analyzer based on phase shift measurement (coaxial, visible red laser)
Distance Measurement (Non-Prism)
Range6 1000m
Accuracy 2,7/Measurement time 22m+ 2ppm / typ. 3s
Method System analyzer based on phase shift measurement (coaxial, visible red laser)
Maximum acceleration 400 gon (360°) / S2
Rotation Speed 200 gon (180°) / S
Time for change face 2.9s
Positioning Time for 200gon (180°) 2.3s
Method Direct drives based on Piezo technology
Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)
Range3 Round prisem(GPR1) 3000m
Accuracy1/Measurement time (GPR1) ATR angle accuracy Hz, V 1”/3-4s
  Base positioning accuracy ±1mm
  Pointing precision at 1000m ±7m
Minimum spacing between prism at 200m 0.3m
Method Digital image processing
Telescope Magnification/Focusing Range 30x/1.7m to infinity
Keyboard and Display ¼ VGA, colour, touch, 34 keys, illuminated
Data Storage 256MB Internal memory, CompactFlash card 256MG or 1GB
Interfaces RS232, Bluetooth® Wireless
Operation Three endless drives for one or two hand manual operation
  Userdefinables Smart key for manual fast high precision measurements
  Laser plummet
Standby Power Consumption typ. 5.9W
Security Password protection and keyboard lock
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Dust/water (IEC 60529) IP54
Humidity 95%, non-condensing

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