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TIME7231/TIME7232 Vibration Tester

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TIME7231/TIME7232 Vibration Tester Vibration Meters Portable Inspection Gauges

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TIME7231/TIME7232 Vibration Tester

Relative humidity(≤80%)

Product Introduction
TIME7231/TIME7232 vibration tester is equipped with piezoelectric It can convert the vibration signal into electric signal, and then the value of acceleration, velocity, displacement or spectrum will be displayed by analyzing the inputting signal.  TIME7231/TIME7332is always used for normal vibration testing, especially for the vibration testing of rotating or reciprocating machines.
TIME7231 is equipped with low sensitivity probe, suitable for testing strong vibration signal.
TIME7232 is equipped with high sensitivity probe, suitable for testing weak vibration signal.
Two display modes: digital value mode and spectrum mode
Large memory function: 100×100 measured results (100 testing points, 100 data can be stored in each testing points); 100 Spectral chart
Spectrum chart can display in real time
Easy diagnosis: alarm is sounded when vibration go over limit set, and get into spectrum mode
Testing results and spectrum chart can be printed out when connected to printer
300×200 matrix LCD display, with backlight
Compared with TV300, the testing result of TIME7231/TIME7232is more accurate and stable especially in low frequency
Technical Specification

Model TIME7231      TIME7232
Measuring range
Acceleration 1m/s2~392 m/s2(Peak) 0.1m/s2~20 m/s2(Peak)
Velocity 0.1cm/s~80cm/s(RMS) 0.01cm/s~4cm/s(RMS)
Displacement 0.01mm~18.1mm(Peak-Peak) 0.001mm~0.8mm(Peak-Peak)
Frequency range
Acceleration 10Hz~200Hz10Hz~500Hz10Hz~1KHz10Hz~10KHz
Velocity 10Hz~200Hz10Hz~500Hz10Hz~1KHz
Displacement 10Hz~200Hz ,10Hz~500Hz
Accuracy ±5%
Temperature 0~40
Relative humidity ≤80%
Dimension 171× 78.5×28 (mm)
Power Li battery (continuous working 20 hours without backlight)

Standard Delivery
Main unit
Protection pocket
Low sensitivity probe(only for TIME7231)
High sensitivity probe( only for TIME7232)
Power adapter
Magnetic base
Instruction manual
TIME certificate
Warranty card
Optional Accessory
Needle groupware
TA230 printer
RS232 communication cable
Industry Application
TIME vibration tester can be used in all revolving and reciprocating equipments, and is extraordinary widely used.
The industries TIME7231/TIME7232 can be used:
a)  Electric power industry: Used for the thermal power primarily; Such as the equipments of the large boiler –blaster, air directing machine, the ball mill etc., vapor generator, pump of the circular cooling system.

b)  Steel industry: all kinds of revolving equipments of steel mill and rolling mill, such as the equipments of blast furnace —windlass, circulating water pump, centrifugal fan

c)  Petroleum industry: oil pump machine, beam-swimming oil pump.
d)  Chemical engineering industry: Such as the equipments for oil refining, fertilizer producing,( crude oil refining: compressor, blaster, liquid transporting equipments and pump which are all used in the complicated process of the refining)

e)  Machine manufacturing industry: dynamic machine, engineering machine mine machine, metalwork machine, engines, airplane ships and so on
f)  Bearings profession
g) Car industry: Engine, motor, gearbox, machine for manufacture

h) Mine industry: larger blaster and air directing machine used for the air system to remove the gas in the mine, which is lifeline of mine.
i) Spinning and wearing industry: the spinning machine.
j) Home appliance industry: washer, air condition, refrigerator.
k) Papermaking industry: paper mill.
l) Construction industry: cement factory (revolving kiln), other manufacturing equipments of building materials.
We provide 12-month warranty on the main unit.
Per the updating of product appearance, please take the material object as the standard.

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