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Generator Ultrasonic Cleaning Laboratory Equipment Facility

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High-Precision Digital Matching Technology

Flexible for various application.
With the digital frequency generation and control, digital frequency matching, amplitude adjustment,intensity selection, interval setting,excellent output stability, these digital ultrasonic power generator XR series exert outstanding performance to ultrasonic transducer(s) . The ultrasonic generator XR series are excellent for the surface treatment, industrial parts cleaning, welding and other special ultrasonic applications. Clangsonic has different versions and equipments for these generator XR series, cater to different application and requests.

Clangsonic Digital Systems - multifunctional, excellent and friendly user interface
Clangsonic digital ultrasonic power generator are ideal for rigorous application,especially those high request on control and precision.They feature: all-in-one bottun adjust ultrasonic power, temperature and time; easy, safe, accurate settings, LCD multifunction display; LCD display provides a simple text to describe the process-related parameters.

Clangsonic Digital Systems - a brand new, ergonomic operational concept
Clangsonic digital ultrasonic power generators come with standard control interfaces,which allows physical power supply and control components separable. This allows the generator working in any place,especially those human-incovenient places, just by RS232/485 interface devices connected to the PC.

Clangsonic Digital Systems - integrate security and reliability
Clangsonic digital ultrasonic power generators are maximum protected for best reliability,by: error warning, temperature-controlled fan etc., and display those information in LCD.All these measurements effectively guarantee generator safe and service life.

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