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TQC sheen - Hardness / Scratch Resistance Testers - Pendulum Hardness Tester

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TQC sheen - Hardness / Scratch Resistance Testers - Pendulum Hardness Tester Paint Strength Testers Coating / Paint Testing

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The TQC Pendulum Hardness Tester has a lot of unique features that ease defining hardness by the König and/or Persoz method as described in ISO 1522. Both methods work on the principle that the damping time of a pendulum oscillating on a sample indicates the hardness.

The instrument has an easy menu-driven interface with jog dial. The automated electronic counting mechanism is not affected by reflections from the surrounding area. The water-level is located on the test specimen, rather than on the instrument’s base. Once the instrument is leveled further calibration is not required. The gas-spring supported transparent draft cover allows easy access to all parts of the instrument.

TQC’s Pendulum Hardness Tester is a modular system. The instrument itself can be used for both the König and- Persoz method. Both pendulums should be ordered separately. After placing the correct pendulum, switching between the two measuring methods only takes a push of a button. The Pendulum is positioned fully automatically by means of a stepper motor. Also the release of the Pendulum is automated through electro-magnetic system. The end of a test is indicated by a visual and acoustic signal.

The TQC Pendulum Hardness Tester base device is available as a 110VAC / 50/60Hz and a 230VAC / 50Hz model.


Dimensions(H * W * D) 740 * 430 * 430mm(closed cover); 960 * 430 * 650mm(open cover)
Weight 2.6 kg
Material Stainless steel(front plate and small parts)
Powdercoated steel(housing)
Anodised aluminum(left panel)
Perspex(draft cover)
Power supply 230 V/ 115 V
Thickness glassplate 6 mm

  SP0510 SP0505
Product description Stainless steel pendulum Stainless steel pendulum with adjustable weight
Weight 500 g 200 g
Pivot balls 2, made of tungsten carbide, diameter 8 mm 2, made of tungsten carbide, diameter 5 mm
Distance between pivot balls 50 mm 30 mm
Oscillation period 1 second 1.4 seconds
Deflections From 12° to 4° From 6° to 3°
Damping time(on glass) Minimum 430 +/- 15 second 250 +/- 10 seconds
Counting method Oscillations = time Oscillations and time
Number of oscillations   179 +/- 7
Min. sample dimensions 50 * 71 mm 50 * 55 mm
Max. sample dimensions 105 * 200 * 11 mm 105 * 200 * 8.3 mm


Art. No. SP0500
TQC Pendulum Hardness Tester 230VAC / 50Hz, Pendulum base device, without Pendulum

Art. No. SP0501
TQC Pendulum Hardness Tester 110VAC / 50/60Hz, Pendulum base device, without Pendulum

Art. No. SP0505
TQC König Pendulum for hardness test

Art. No. SP0510
TQC Persoz Pendulum for hardness test

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