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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - TT130 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - TT130 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Non-Destructive Testing System - Ultrasonic Testing Material Testing

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Measuring range(0.75-300mm)

Display resolution(0.01mm)

Measuring units(mm/inch)

Product Introduction
The principle of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is ultrasonic pulse reflection. The pulse was reflected back to the probe when the ultrasonic pulse sent by the probe reaches the material interface through the tested object. We can get the thickness of the measured material based on the accurate time that the ultrasonic transits in the material. Time Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge series are non-destructive testing instrument integrated with modern scientific electronic and measuring technology. They are equipped with microcomputers that can analyze, handle and display the current data. Furthermore, they are integrated with highly optimized measuring circuit, which makes them have the advantage of high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range, being easy to operate, stable working and so on. TT130 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge can  exactly check all kinds of boards and processing parts. And its resolution is 0.01, which makes it can measure those more precise workpieces than TT100 does.
Portable size and easy operation
Suitable for any metallic and non-metallic materials ultrasonic can go through
Self-compensating of nonlinearity function is supplied for correction of pickup nonlinearity
10 measuring values can be recorded for TT100,TT110,TT130;100 measuring values can be recorded for TT140
optional 2.5MHz, 5MHz and 7MHz transducers are available
Clear 4-Digit LCD display with backlight
5 pre-set sound velocities for repeating applications
mm / inch selectable
TT130 are suitable for thickness testing of various materials with sound speed range 1000-9999m/s
Technical Specification

Model TT130
Measuring range 0.75 – 300.00mm (steel)
Measuring range for steel pipes Min.3.0mm thickness ×Φ20 diameter
Diameter of transducer Φ10 (standard)  Φ6 (optional)  Φ12(optional)
Display resolution 0.01mm
Calibration 4.0mm steel base plate integrated
Tolerance ±(1%H+0.1) mm (H means the thickness of tested piece)
Measuring units mm/inch
Sound velocity range 1000-9999m/s
Display 4-Digital LCD
Surface temperature -10íŠ to +60íŠ
Battery indicator Low battery voltage indicator
Power supply 2 Pcs. AA batteries 1.5V
Operation time 250 hours
Dimensions 126mm×68mm×23mm
Weight Approx. 250g including batteries
Standard Delivery
Main unit
5MHz transducer
5MHz angle transducer (for TT100/110/130)
ZW5P high temperature transducer for TT120
Integrated steel calibration plate 4.0mm
Batteries AA 1.5V
TIME Certificate
Warranty card
Instruction manual
Industry Application
TT130 can exactly check all kinds of boards and processing parts, and is wildly used in petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aeration and space industries. Another important use of this gauge is to check all kinds of pipes and pressure vessels.

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