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Sinpo - JT300

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Sinpo - JT300 Profile Projector Dimensional Metrology System

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-The up and down system adopts linear guide way and nuts without interference. It's more comfortable and stable.
-The reflecting mirror adopts patent coating techniques with good anti-dust effects.
-The transmission illumination has high and low levels, which can meet different measuring requirements.
-Light source adopts Philip tungsten halogen lamp with high brightness and long using life to satisfy long time using demands.
-Axial flow fan with strong dissipations  heat function dissipates heat in double directions
-The optical system has excellent quality, the objective forms clear image and the magnification is accurate.
-The working distance on object is large, which can meet measuring requirements of different parts.
-The RS232 port can realize the output and communication of data with computer.
- It is erect image with external DRO which is according to the operator's habits. 

Technical parameters:

Model JT300
Projection Screen φ300mm
Rotation Range 0°~360°
Resolution of the rotary angle 1′
Accuracy of the rotary angle 6′
Objective Magnification Power 10X 20X 50X 100X
Objective Visual Field φ30mm φ15mm φ6mm φ3mm
Objective Working Distance 75.201mm 69.599mm 44.4mm 26.243mm
Error of magnification 0.08%
Range of X-coordinate (mm) 150mm  200mm
Range of Y-coordinate (mm) 50mm   100mm
Z -coordinate (mm) Focusing 80mm
Worktable area 350×175  400×225
Resolution 1μm
Image Erect
Accuracy of Instrument (3+L/75)μm
Load Capacity 3kg
Overall Size(mm) 806×380×1065
Transmission Lighting 12V 100W Halogen tungsten lamp
Reflecting Lighting 24V 150W Halogen tungsten lamp
Rated Voltage   
Mainframe Weight 180kg

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