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Sinpo - JT21

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Sinpo - JT21 Profile Projector Dimensional Metrology System

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The instrument can test effectively profile, section and surface shapes of various complex work-pieces, such as templates, punching pieces, cams, gears, forming cutters, mercerizes etc. Owing to its front-inclined projecting screen, so It is also suitable for comparative measurement and test, such as projecting image's portray and observation of work-piece's profile and shape etc. It is widely used in workshops and measuring station of those industries: Machinery, instruments & meters, watches, moulds and electronics and so on.


Model JT21
Projection Screen φ350mm
Rotation Range 0°~360°
Resolution of the rotary angle 1′
Accuracy of the rotary angle 4′
Objective Magnification Power 5X    10X    20X   50X
Objective Visual Field φ70mm φ35mm  φ17.5mm  φ7mm
Objective Working Distance 163.1mm  89.05mm 57.2mm  58mm
Error of magnification 0.08%
Range of X-coordinate (mm) 200mm
Range of Y-coordinate (mm) 100mm
Z -coordinate (Focusing)(mm) 0~100mm
Worktable area 380mm×230mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Image Reverse
Accuracy of Instrument (3+L/75)μm
Load Capacity 5kg
Overall Size(mm) 854×480×1401
Transmission Lighting 12V 100W Halogen tungsten lamp
Reflecting Lighting 12V 100W Halogen tungsten lamp
Rated Voltage   
Mainframe Weight 138kg

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