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Sinpo - Linear Scale & DRO

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Sinpo - Linear Scale & DRO Precision Length Measuring Systems Dimensional Metrology System

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High Accuracy Linear Scale and Digital Read out System (DRO) Series

DRO Linear scale when used in conjunction with our Counter is designed for manual machine tools or other equipment having linear movements, for example cut off saws.

Alternatively the scale output can be used for automatic positioning control of machine tools or similar equipment via CNC or PLC units.
The scales may also be fitted to co-ordinate measurement or other measurement equipment used for high accuracy inspection & measurement

Brief introduction to product classification:
  • The optical grating sensor linear scales manufactured by us are divided into two types, open and closed type.
  • The open type is high precision and is designated JCT, the scale output wave is sine wave, they are mainly used in digital measurement equipment and offer a highest resolution of 0.1um.
  • The closed type is mainly -used in conjunction with our DRO counters on machine tools and similar equipment, these scales are designated JCX and have a scale output is square wave. (TTL or RS422)
  • A complete range of accessories is provided to facilitate installation.



-Zero reset
-Inc /mm conversation
-ABS/INC coordinate conversation /200 groups coordinates display memory of Dower-cut
-'1/2'Function key display
-Linear error rectify
-Sleep switch
-200 point auxiliary zero
-Absolute Reference point of scale

DRO Functions
-Calculating smoothed are 'R'(DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
-Calculating simple&easy are 'R'(DRO-2M is available)
-Boring hole in oblique line(DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
-200 points auxiliary zero position function(DRO-2M, DRO-3M, DRO-3E AND DRO-2G are available)
-Disparting hole for PED circle (DRO-2M, DRO-3M, DRO-3E are available)
-Processing oblique surface(DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
-Asymptotic processing for the inner of rectangle (DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
-Finding automatically Zero position function (DRO-2M, DRO-3M, DRO-3E are available)
-Simply calculating function (DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
-Cutting-tool compensation function (DRO-3M are available)
-Digital fill tracing function (DRO-2G are available)
-EDM output function(DRO-3E are available)
-3M function(DRO-2M are available): This is used to process the erect oblique surface of Z-axis.
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