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Victor Manufacturing - VEW 260 (Electromechanical)

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Victor Manufacturing - VEW 260 (Electromechanical) Destructive Testing System - Universal Testing Machine Material Testing

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This Model Electronic Universal Testing Machine is designed and manufactured according to National Standard & ASTM E4 standard. It is computer-controlled 
precision Testing Machine, suitable for wide range of material for tension, compression, bending and shearing test. It has high stability as well as high precision, equipped with PC system & printer for graph, test result display, printing & data processing. Complete with modulus for metal, spring, textile, rubber, plastic and other material testing & creep test. It is widely used in many fields such as industry factories, mineral enterprise and high schools.

Specifications Software

  • Max. Load: 500N;
  • Load accuracy: better than ±1%;
  • Deformation measuring accuracy: the relative
  • error of indicating value better than ±1% within measuring range;
  • Displacement resolution: better than ±0.01mm;
  • Displacement measuring accuracy: better than ±1% of indicating value;
  • Speed range: 0.05mm/min—500m/min, steppless
  • Speed accuracy: better than ±1% of indicating value;
  • Max. Tensile travel: 650mm
  • Control mode: Possess three kinds of close loop control modes, namely load, deformation and displacement, to realize no impact switch during automatic program control test;
  • Protection function: Possess overload protection, limited position protection function, and over current, over voltage, over speed, over torque and over heating protection of AC servo speed-adjusting system and the motor;
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