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Hardness Testing System-TH180 Host Testing system

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Hardness Testing System-TH180 Host Testing system Destructive Testing System - Hardness Tester Material Testing

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The TH-180 is a versatile portable hardness testing instrument, combining dynamic Leeb rebound testing technology with wireless data processing. Part of the family of the world famous TIME TH series portable testing instruments, the TH-180 is the top of the range and allows the user to move freely around the workpiece without being limited or hindered by cables.

In the TH-180, today’s wireless technology has been combined with over 20 years of know-how in the portable hardness testing field. According to DIN Standard 50156 and ASTM A 956.

  • Hand-held device with a rugged shock-resistant housing
  • Large and clear display with adjustable contrast and backlight
  • Converts directly to HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HRA, HS
  • Highly accurate ± 4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL) with automatic correction for impact direction
  • Wide measurement range
  • Simple operating menu structure and extensive on-screen help files
  • Internal storage up to 2500 batches of data
  • Wireless Impact device D stores over 500 groups of data
  • Wired Impact device D included in standard delivery
  • Down-/upload data from/to PC via USB, Ethernet or RS-232
  • The main unit works with different kind of wireless slave units, such as impact device Dw, Cw and DLw
  • The data of the slave unit is transferred to the main unit via bi-directional wireless communication.
  • Upto 10 wireless impact devices, each can store 500 groups on main unit.

Main unit:

  • Large full color touch screen operation (320×240 matrix) backlit display.
  • Memory for up to 2500 data groups.
  • Upper or lower limits hardness settings, both visiual and accoustic warning in case of exceeded test values.
  • Fast & silent thermal printer, prints all test data of the main unit and slave unit.
  • Six wired impact devices are available for special applications, no need for calibration when impact device is replaced.
  • Automatic identification of impact device and test direction.
  • Stand-alone working mode and wireless system working model.

Slave unit:

  • Automatic transfer of impact device ID and test direction.
  • Matrix LCD display.
  • Wireless technology for communication with unit. Can be used as stand alone instrument (See details of TH-1100).
  • Stores readings and displays average test value.
  • Rechargeable Li-on battery.


Technical Specification

Measuring range

170 – 960 HLD

Highly accurate

± 4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL)

Testing direction


Hardness scale



2500 groups data in main unit

500 groups transferred data from slave units

Limit setting

6h (main unit),

2.5h (slave unit)

Charging time



12V/4A (main unit)

6V/400mA (slave unit)

Continuous working time

12h (main unit),

50h (slave unit)

Relative humidity


Environment temperature

0°C to 40°C


260mm x 170mm x 57mm (main unit)

145mm x 35mm x 30mm (slave unit)


1070gr (main unit),

120gr (slave unit)

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